Individual sessions and private groups

We offer holotropic breathwork workshops for individuals or groups of two to four people, or more.

For one-to-one or two-to-one sessions, Isabelle and I will act as sitters, which greatly shortens the duration of the workshop, since there will be only one breathing session.
So it’s possible to arrive around lunchtime, take the afternoon for the breathwork, and then take your time to integrate before leaving for the evening. For groups of three or four, there will be the usual two breaths during the day. As a result, the schedule would more closely resemble a regular breathwork day.

You can organize this workshop on a day that suits you (even during the week), depending on our availability.

The cost for an individual session is $250, and $320 for a group of two*.

For groups of three or more, please contact us.

Contact us for more information or to reserve a date.

*This rate is valid for sessions held at our Mauricie location.
Mauricie. For a private workshop in Montreal, add $100 for the cost of the room.
for the cost of the room.