Training for psychedelic therapists

In addition to training in Grof Breathwork, Grof Legacy Training Canada offers training in psychedelic therapy, also based on the pioneering and unrivalled work of Stan Grof.

To offer psychedelic therapy, breathwork or work safely with people in spiritual emergence, an extraordinary understanding of depth psychology is required, one that truly takes into account the human psyche, both psychopathology and spirituality, and understands the deep and powerful psychodynamics of psychedelic states. It also requires an appeal to newly-discovered healing mechanisms, and an understanding of the deep psycho-spiritual crises and processes that can arise on an individual’s path to integration and healing.

There is a “psychology of the future” that has emerged from a vast body of psychedelic clinical research, which is the most reasonable approach to understanding the healing potential of holotropic states of consciousness and which can enable the continued development of this field of knowledge. Stanislav Grof M.D., PhD has accompanied over 4,000 individual psychedelic sessions since 1954. His extraordinary clinical experience and vision as a psychiatric researcher led him to develop transpersonal psychology, a unique perspective on holotropic and psychedelic states of consciousness. He has greatly expanded the conceptual framework of traditional psychological therapeutic approaches. Often compared to the magnitude of Sigmund Freud’s work, Stan Grof’s work certainly represents one of the most important contributions to psychology since that of Carl Gustav Jung.

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